Angie Lile

Media Producer, Writer, Social Media Consultant

My company, LileStyle Productions, utilizes highly trained contractors to help manage many social media networks for clients on a daily basis. If you hire my team to manage your social media accounts, you can rest assured that I will oversee their work and give you detailed reports on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on your audience size. I will be available to you for phone calls, requests, questions and consultations as part of our monthly retainer. Many of my clients prefer the ease of having one person to tell about their events and having it perfectly executed to all of their social channels. It also helps to have someone to ask when Facebook changes their rules or format. My experience means you have the means to create a very strong social presence and position yourself as a leader in your field.  Visit LileStyle Productions to learn more about our various social media management packages.

Complete Social Media Management

Your successful Facebook Ad campaign requires a full social media report and consultation (detailed above). If I have done a report for you within 60 days of your campaign launch, I will deduct $199 from this price.  As always, I'll be happy to chat with you for 30 minutes for free so that you understand the complete value of my service.

 I'll create a comprehensive report, Facebook Audience building pixels and Conversion tracking pixels (these must be installed on your website), create the graphics (each campaign uses multiple graphics), set up the ads and provide ongoing reports and adjustments during the lifetime of the campaign. Each report must be viewed online, but one follow-up phone call can be set up each week.

PLEASE NOTE- This price only covers the time involved to execute your campaign successfully. You will need an additional budget to pay Facebook to show your ads to your audience.

Includes a comprehensive report on all of your social channels and how they interact with your website. Report includes screen capture and video and must be accessed online. You will also receive a detailed strategy to accomplish the goals identified in our initial phone call, as well as a list of resources to help  you execute your plan.  One phone call follow-up is also included, as needed.


Facebook Ad Campaign


Detailed Social Media Report & Consultation


Looking for help with your social media? I've been helping clients understand the ins and outs of all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and some you might not have heard about. I've helped them develop individual strategies and have seen great results and some not-so-great. My experience also includes Facebook ads and all the technical aspects of how to run a successful campaign.

To get an idea of what you are wanting to do with your networks, our first call will be 30 minutes and absolutely free.

Depending on what you are needing, I may need to have administrator access to your social accounts in order to get in and do a detailed report. My reports include screenshots (images) as well as video (which you will watch online) so you'll need computer access to view them. I am happy to go over these reports  with you on the phone as a follow-up.

Your consultation will also include a social strategy based on your current audience and the audience you hope to build. If you choose to hire me to run a Facebook Ad Campaign, you will get detailed reports on a regular basis during the lifetime of  the campaign.

Social Media Consultation