Angie Lile

Media Producer, Writer, Social Media Consultant

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Angie has provided Social Media advice to some of the world's top Authors including: Neale Donald Walsch, Author of Conversations with God and other New York Times best-selling books; Hay House Author Doreen Virtue who has written over 20 books about Angels and Spirituality; and Ghost Whisperer's Producer and World Famous Medium, James Van Praagh just to name a few.

Here is what Neale Donald Walsch has to say about Angie's expertise:

"Angie Lile knows the Social Media world inside and out, making it not necessary for me to. I have been able to focus on my life's work, knowing I've got Angie behind me. Using the combined tools of CWG's wonderful insights and Angie's remarkable expertise, a wide and continuously enlarging audience has been able to be satisfied in their search for this message. When I was young, those with something to say had to find their audience. Today our audience is trying to find us. Angie's genius is to render my message easily findable and visually accessible. All I have to do is source the material. For me this is heaven, because I don't want to have to know all that Angie knows in order to get done all that I want to get done. Do you suppose that 'Angie" is short for 'Angel'?"

Experience - Clients

Angie's experience speaks for itself through this entire website. Be sure to read all it has to offer in the way of educating you on what she can do. Here you can find a list of clients (past and present), all of whom have worked with Angie in some capacity.